Best Handgun For Home Defense

When it comes to the best handgun for home defense, your choices are wide open.  Once again, you need to consider whether you want to use a semi-automatic pistol, or perhaps a revolver.  Our preference for home defense is a revolver.

There are many reasons we chose to recommend the revolver type handguns, and I’d like to go in to a few of them here:

I think the most compelling reason for choosing a revolver for your home defense handgun is their reliability.  You see, revolvers have just a few moving parts are are must less likely to jam up then the semi-automatic handguns.  When it comes to defending your home or your loved ones, you want to make sure your firearm is going to be reliable when you need it.

Revolvers come in what is called “double action” which is the type we recommend as the best handgun for home defense.  Double action simply means that the gun can be fired without having to cock, or pull back the trigger, of the gun.  So, if the gun is fully loaded, all you need to do is point and shoot.  Most double action pistols can be fired either way, but there are a few that are double action only.  The only drawback with double action is accuracy.  It takes a much harder trigger pull to fire double action, so your aim could be jeopardized.  It is best to get a pistol that offers both double and single action.  You should also practice a great deal with both type of actions so you get a good feel of the differences.

Another nice thing about revolvers is that they can be fired comfortably with either hand.  Since there is no shell being ejected like you have with your semi-automatic guns, there is nothing to obstruct your view or concentration.  It is a good idea to practice shooting at close range with both hands because in a real life home defense situation, you might have just seconds to react.

You can get a revolver with many different lengths of barrel.  We recommend about a 4 inch barrel or so for home defense.  This allows you to keep a little bit of distance accuracy, while still being easily concealable.  The minimum barrel length one should probably go is 2.5 inches.  Just remember, the shorter the barrel is, the less accurate the gun will be.  Of course, with that said, the longer barrel handguns are going to be much more accurate.

Options for Best Handgun For Home Defense

Some good choices for a revolver are the Colt Python, Ruger GP100, or the Smith and Wesson Model 10 in either the police or military version.

With all of the above taken into consideration, you must remember that, once you do chose your best handgun for home defense, you need to practice with it.  You can have the best handgun in the world, but if you either don’t know how to shoot it, or are not comfortable with it, if is virtually useless.  Take your gun out a fire it often when you first get it.  Get comfortable with the grip and the recoil.  Try a few different types of rounds in your gun so you know what feels best for you.  Then, once you are very comfortable shooting it, you can cut your practice down to every few months or so.


What is your Best Handgun For Home Defense?

As with any gun, the best handgun for home defense is going to be all about personal preference.  Take your time and test a few different types and models of gun.  Try different calibers and barrel lengths.  make sure that, in the end, the gun you choose as your Best Handgun For Home Defense is the best fit for you.

Best Handgun For Home Defense


Best Self Defense Handgun

Before deciding on the best self defense handgun, there are a number of things to consider.  First, if you are not familiar with them, handguns are basically designed with defense in mind, and are for the most part compact and easily held and fired with one hand.

There are many different types of handguns, with a bunch of different variations.  There are semi-automatic guns, fully automatic guns, revolvers, and more.  The most recent trend shows more people have been buying guns for self defense reasons than ever before.   Finding the best self defense handgun for you takes a bit of thought.  Below are some things to consider before making a purchase.  The best handgun is one that has been designed primarily for self defense, is easy to use and conceal, and fits with your needs.  There are a number of questions you must answer before deciding which gun is for you.

  • What are the laws?  Check into the laws where you live.  Some guns are illegal in certain locales for various reasons.  Purchasing a self defense weapon only to find it is illegal where you live can delay your safety.
  • Are there children in your home?  If so, you need a plan to secure the gun well before you purchase.  You might want to consider getting a gun safe or, at the very least, a trigger lock for your guns.
  • Will the gun be used by more than one person?  If more than one person is going to have access to the gun, it must be one that fits the needs of all parties.  For instance, if a female and male are going to be using it, caliber, weight, and ease of use must be considered.  You may want to go with a smaller and lighter gun in this case.
  • Do you need a permit?  Getting a concealed weapon permit is the best thing to do so all of your legal bases are covered.  Check into local laws to find out how to obtain your concealed carry weapons permit.  In almost all scenarios, you will be required to take a class and register with your County Sherrif’s Office.
  • Are you familiar with firearms?  If you have never fired a gun, you may want to take this into account.  The best idea is to go to a firing range to test out some of the guns that you are considering buying.  Most places have a large variety of guns available for you to shoot.  You will need to buy the ammunition and probably pay a per hour fee to use the facility, but it is well worth it.
  • Is the weapon comfortable?  You definitely want to find the weapon that is most comfortable for you.  Since you will most likely be carrying this gun on a regular basis, you need to make sure you have confidence in it.


Best Self Defense Handgun – Next Steps

After these questions are answered, and you know what your best self defense handgun is, you can go on with the process of buying it.

A Great Choice for Your Best Self Defense Handgun

best self defense handgunConsidering everything above, we like the Smith & Wesson Model 640 Revolver, a .38 Special.  We believe it to be one of the best self defense handguns available, especially if multiple people are using it.  It is light, at 23 ounces empty, it has a short barrel that makes it easy to draw and conceal, and it has a simple, compact design.  It is also extremely accurate, especially considering the short barrel.  Both men and women will find it is easy to handle.  This classic style has stood the test of time, and continues to be one of the most popular self defense weapons on the market with good reason.   Another word of advice.  If you are planning on concealing this weapon, it is best to buy a holster.  Not only will this keep the gun safe, but if needed, it makes the gun a lot easier to access.  A holster can also carry extra ammunition.  When there is an emergency situation, being able to get to your gun in a timely fashion could mean the difference between life and death.

The best self defense handgun may be totally different for you, so do your research and know what you want well before you make a purchase.

Best Self Defense Handgun


The Best Handgun for Concealed Carry?

This will always be an on going debate, but the answer really lies within the individual on what the best handgun for concealed carry is. It really is all about personal preference and what you are comfortable with. As long as an individual is capable of handling a weapon, are aware of their local laws, have a permit to carry a concealed weapon, and they are trained in proper use, they can definitely benefit from carrying a concealed weapon like a handgun. Concealed firearms are presently considered as an ideal form of self-defense. There are numerous handguns that are permitted for concealed carry (CCW), however, many people seem unsure which handguns will be most suitable for them. Therefore, those in search of the best handgun for concealed carry can consider selecting one from the following 5 choices that we recommend.

Some Choices for The Best Handgun for Concealed Carry

1. North American Arms NAA .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver

The purpose of carrying a concealed handgun is to ensure that it can be conveniently carried and remains out of sight. The NAA .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver perfectly fits this criteria because of its compact size and lightweight While the .22 caliber bullets that this mini revolver shoots don’t necessarily make it ideal for self-defense, it can still do some damage when used properly. This mini-revolver can be stored just about anywhere and can be easily concealed while being carried, regardless of the attire that an individual might be dressed in. Thus, this is why this mini-revolver is on our list.

2. Smith and Wesson M&P 40

the best handgun for concealed carrySmith and Wesson M&P 40’s happen to be awesome handguns and they are also ideal for concealed carry. Those who have carried .40 revolvers and 9mm pistols, whether compact or full size, will feel far more satisfied by carrying this pistol. The grip of this pistol is one particular feature that makes it better than handguns of a similar caliber and size from other manufacturers. Shooting this gun should not be problem even for those with small hands since they can use the interchangeable back-straps with this handgun.

3.Springfield XD Compact .45

Yet another pistol that will be easy to conceal and carry since it features a small-sized frame. Some might believed that the .45 caliber bullets that this pistol shoots will not be effectively handled by this small handgun. However, this pistol performs as smooth as larger handguns that use .45 caliber bullets. Within a range of seven to ten feet, this pistol is quite accurate and is therefore ideal for self-defense use.

4. Kahr PM9

For the people who are looking for a really compact and lightweight handgun that can be easily carried and concealed, another great choice will be the Kahr PM9. Despite the fact that this is a semi-automatic, this handgun is almost as small-sized and lightweight as some of the smaller revolvers. Don’t let the size of this handgun fool you and it should not be underestimated. It can prove to be quite useful for those who want to use it for self defense.

5. Glock Model 22 Gen 4

This model of the Glock is not as small as the other handguns in this list, so it may not be the best handgun for concealed carry. However, those who prefer to use this gun will find it quite easy to carry. Even with it’s full size it still falls under the concealed carry category and offers a particularly firm grip that will allow shooters to effective defend themselves.

What is your choice as The Best Handgun for Concealed Carry?

For those in search of the best handgun for concealed carry, you can definitely benefit from selecting any of the handguns listed here.


The Best Handgun for Concealed Carry


Best Handgun for Women

In today’s day and age, women need to be concerned about their safety and well being more than ever before and should think about what is the best handgun for women.  It seems that the risk of attack or assault is growing at an alarming rate. At one time women carried things like pepper sprays to ensure their safety. However, the trend of carrying concealed handguns has become quite common among women as they are far more fearful for their safety than in years past. Therefore, many of them seem to be in search of the best handgun for women that they can use to protect themselves or their children if the time ever comes.

Since women have smaller hands and are not as strong as men, in most cases, handguns that are typically used by men are not as an ideal for them. Handguns that have a smaller size, shorter recoil and a lighter trigger pull are easier to use for women. However, the best handgun for women will be one that is reliable and has an appropriate caliber and size.

Best Handgun for Women?

best handgun for womenWe think the Smith and Wesson Model 637 perfectly fits this description.   This gun can be conveniently carried in a handbag or purse by women because of its compact size. Women will be able to easily place the gun in any bag and take it out with ease as well, since it has a very short 1 7/8″ barrel. Women will also find it comfortable to hold this gun in their hands since it has such a small frame. Women can conveniently carry this gun on a daily basis since it only weighs 15 oz.  Women can even place the gun in their pants or jack pocket too.

The caliber of the Smith and Wesson 637 is another feature that makes it the best handgun for women.  For self-defense, the .38 special rounds that are shot by this gun are sufficient enough. Due to its nature and size that allow it to be easily concealed, law enforcement personnel often carry this gun as a backup gun.

For small-scale attacks this gun can be effectively used and the rounds it uses are affordable to buy.  Since women typically have weaker hands, they will also face no trouble with the gun’s recoil and trigger pull.


When it comes to buying guns, this .38 Smith and Wesson revolver is the most reliable gun women can find. Another benefit is that this gun is a revolver.  Revolvers are indeed known for their reliability, and this revolver is considered one of the best.

While women are indeed concerned about their safety these days it is critical to have a well functioning firearm.  This is also a very nice looking gun if that sort of thing matters to you.  Another thing that makes this gun particularly ideal for women is that they can even buy pink grips for their revolver, adding a feminine touch to it if they so desire.

Your Best Handgun for Women Might Differ

Carrying a handgun is not isn’t for every women, but for those who chose to carry one, it grants them the ability to protect themselves in drastic situations. Therefore, those who want to make sure that they are carrying the best handgun for women should consider buying a Smith and Wesson Model 637.

Best Handgun for Women


Best Concealed Carry Guns

Welcome to Best Concealed Carry Guns

We started this site to share with you our research and testing we have done over the years.  We feel it is extremely important that you have the facts when choosing a concealed carry gun for either yourself, or a loved one.

As you will see on our site, there are many different options when it comes to choosing your gun.  Now we are not only talking about brand of gun options here.  We are also talking about the size of the gun.  We will discuss the weight of different guns.  You will read about the thickness and length of a gun as well.

You see, there are many options to consider well before you ever purchase your personal protection handgun.  Make sure you know exactly what you need prior to getting a gun.  Make sure you know what type of gun you are going to be most comfortable with.  Make sure you know what caliber you will be most comfortable with as well.  Let’s look at a few of these options.

Revolver vs. Semi-Automatic Handguns for Best Concealed Carry Guns

Talk to any number of gun owners about what they believe are the best concealed carry guns, and you are probably going to end up with about a 50/50 split.  Many people swear by their revolvers, and many people will only carry a semi-automatic.  Neither choice is incorrect, as it really comes down to what you are most comfortable with.

Revolvers are used by many for their reliability.  Revolvers do not have the risk of jamming, all while still having the ability to get off a number of shots fairly quick.  The main issue with the revolver comes with the speed of the reload.  If you are in a situation where you need to reload quickly, it is definitely not as quick as just popping in another magazine.  You can speed this up a bit with speed loaders.

With that said, the semi-automatic gun carriers love the speed in which they can get their shots off.  Depending on the size of gun and the number of rounds it holds, this is a huge plus if you find yourself in an actual self defense situation.  Also, the reloading process is very fast as mentioned above.  Just release your empty magazine, and load a full one.


Compact vs. Semi-Compact Handguns for Best Concealed Carry Guns

Again, this subject really just comes down to personal preference and the benefits of each are fairly obvious.  Either one could really be considered the best concealed carry guns.  A compact gun is, of course, going to be much easier to conceal in almost every situation.  Some don’t even require a concealed carry holster as they can just be carried in a pocket.  Most of these guns are also extremely light, making them much more comfortable to carry.  The main argument against the very small compact guns is the calibers they are available in.

Now the semi-compact guns are obviously going to be slightly harder to conceal.  In most cases, they will weigh a few ounces more as well.  However, there are many gun holsters designed for these guns that will aid you greatly in concealment.  The main benefit when it comes to the semi-compact guns is that they are available in much larger calibers than your compacts.

Those are just a couple of the options to consider.  We will be exploring many more in the future.  Feel free to share your thoughts and preferences by commenting in the section below.  Let us know what you believe are the best concealed carry guns.

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Best Concealed Carry Guns